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A part of me wants Within Temptation to cover ‘Someday (I Will Understand)’ by Britney Spears as I believe that Sharon’s voice is the only one that could do the song justice and that it would sound similar to the band’s song ‘Frozen’ which I happen to love. However, another part of me doesn’t want anybody to cover it because Britney’s delivery of the song is so emotional and touching. The song is perfect just the way it is and is one of her finest moments. So now I’m conflicted. =/

Whoa, I’m not the only fag into metal!



I kind of thought Tarja’s assault was common knowledge in the fandom, interesting to know it isn’t. That wasn’t the only time someone walked on stage and directed themselves to her, but the only time there were serious consequences.The fact that she still walks into her crowds, doesn’t mind being touched, picked up, hugged and kissed by fans is hardly recognized, and damn - I know I probably couldn’t. There are singers who have been through a lot less and don’t like to get too close to their fans anyway (and it’s their right to do so, of course). But still, it’s Tarja who’s often forgotten or portrayed as a “bitch”. It’s times like these I remember how much damage a piece of paper can do.

She is a kind soul and loves her fan. Also doesn’t charge $200 for meet and greets. Hell, bitch doesn’t even tour Merica!

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